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Leopoldi Variant Background

Saturday, May 21st, 2011


Leopoldi BlackDiamond was introduced into our breeding program 5 years previously. Since then we have experimented with cross breeding “Leopoldi BlackDiamonds” with “Leopoldi Polkadots.”


The results are the “Leopoldi Variants.” After our successful selective breeding program over the last 5 years has produced the Leopoldi Variants of the highest quality, as can be seen in our Leopoldi Variant supply.


It is important not to mistake these Leopoldi Variants for Leopoldi BlackDiamonds.


Although some Leopoldi Variants may seem to look similar to some Leopoldi BlackDiamonds and can be hard to distinguish between the two, the prices are very different between them.


Our freshwater Leopoldi Variants are a cross between Leopoldi BlackDiamond and Leopoldi Polkadots.


The process of selective breeding is by no means an exact science and this is the reason for the many “in between” variants between Leopoldi Polkadots and Leopoldi BlackDiamonds.