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Fallen “Tigress”

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012


Today, TopStingray mourns the death of a close friend…


She was always there when we needed her to be there.


Always hungry…


Always BIG…


We saw how she grew up and turned from a helpless baby into a full fledge adult…


Today morning, when we came to the office. We did our usual routine checks and to our horror!


She was dead…


To find out what happened, we investigated and suspect the cause of death to be abusive mating behavior from the male.


We know many experts would agree with us that during mating, tiger stingrays are very very aggressive but what we did not expect was that it happened overnight!


This was a monitoring mistake on our part and we strongly urge all you stingray lovers out there that whoever is keeping tiger rays to be really careful.



This is truly one of the saddest days in TopStingray history.


Rest in Peace dear friend.




TopStingray Team



Tiger X Flower

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011 is proud to introduce our newly born Tiger cross Flower pup. It was born on the 20th May 2011 and is the first Tiger Flower stingray!


We have had success in breeding both pure Tiger Stingrays and Flower Stingrays before. On 17/05/2011, we have successfully crossed a Tiger Stingray with a Flower Stingray, resulting in this truely unquie Tiger Flower stingray. Unfortunately only a single male was born.


It is a well known fact amoung freshwater stingray breeders that Tiger Stingrays are very difficult to breed. Flower stingrays are even more difficult to breed then Tiger stingrays. As you would expsect breeding a cross between Tiger stingray and Flower stingray is say to be near impossible. Reasons for this is still unknown to even expert breeders and to us as well.



Pictured above is a Male pure breed Flower stingray.



Pictured above is a Female pure breed Tiger stingray. Bite marks are still visible from the mating behaviour of our Male pure breed Flower stingray.



This is the results of our successful cross breeding program. Notice the elongated tail, it has Flower pattern in the central region of the back. On the edges however Tiger patterns can be seen!


This fine specimen is a Male Tiger cross Flower stingray, he will not be offered for sale as he was the only one born in this batch.