Leopoldi Variant

At Topstingray, most of our Leopoldi Variants are of the F2 generation, meaning they are of 2nd generation which have better quality. The 2nd generation of Variants in our hands would have better health, whiteness of spots, superior patterns and a more contrasting black and white.


We guarantee that all of our Leopoldi Variants have superior patterns compared to the highest quality Leopoldi Polkadot out there in the market. Once our Leopoldi Variants reach maturity, we also guarantee that all of them will exhibit black and white patterns including donut effects.


Please be aware that these Leopoldi Variants are not hybrids but are related through the same "Black Stingray" family genus. Through breeding these 2 species of rays, we have analyzed and found out that the body structure of these Variants remain the exact same and nothing except pattern changes. Due to the mixing of 2 species of fish some of the stingrays exhibit patterns that deviate from the usual spotting. One example is that some of these Variants lose the round shaped spots which both Black Diamond and Polkadot stingrays have and forms rare looking shapes of patterns instead.


At Topstingray.com we understand that some of the Potamotrygon freshwater stingrays can be very expensive. These Leopoldi Variants are therefore perfect for people in the beginner/intermediate level of stingray keeping as they are much cheaper compared to Potamotrygon Leopoldi (Black Diamond). By enhancing the genetics of the Polkadot stingray with Black Diamond blood, offers the highest quality Leopoldi Variants and is one of the steps to achieving our goal of providing everyone with a chance to own a black and white freshwater stingray.


Our Leopoldi Variants are available in sizes ranging from 5 – 10 inches and are 2 – 6 months old respectively. Every Leopoldi Variant stingray is covered by our Dead on Arrival (DOA) policy and comes with a health certificate issued by the Fisheries Department of Thailand to guarantee that all our stingrays are 100% healthy. Topstingray can also provide a constant supply and larger volume orders for retailers, hobbyists are also welcome!

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