H1 Super Hybrid F2

October 5th, 2012


TopStingray would like to share with everyone the H1 Super Hybrid F2!!!


It seemed like only yesterday when we announced the arrival of the H1 Super Hybrid F1.


Well, its already been a year and a half ! How time flies when you are doing things you enjoy.


So feast your eyes on the amazing, Super White H1 Super Hybrid F2.


Notice how intense the level of whiteness is. And how grey the skin of the stingray is. This means that this stingray’s development has not yet reached its full potential.


Until now, we do not know how this stingray would turn out to be, but from our experiences with Super Hybrids, all we can say is HELL YEAH!!!


We just want to share with everyone our pride and joy.


So take a good look at the photo and enjoy.






TopStingray Team 




2013 Stock Sneak Preview (Part #2)

October 3rd, 2012


Here is another one of the “Super” Black Diamonds we intend to launch next year.


Once again…

  1. Super White Spots
  2. Amazing Number of Spots
  3. Unlimited Development


These are the key trades of next year’s stock.


Enough talk!




We hope everyone enjoys the pictures.




TopStingray Team



2013 Stock Sneak Preview (Part #1)

September 29th, 2012


TopStingray has decided to be launching a new range of stock supplies for the year 2013.


These “Super” Black Diamonds will all be guaranteed to be Black and White. They will also hold superior whiteness and health. Attached are some pictures of the upcoming stocks to give everyone an insight of the standard we are talking about.
Notice how the base colour of the stingray is still grey based – meaning there is more room for development. Spots are just simply all over the stingray that it looks more white than black. Note how white the patterns and spots are on the stingray.

So for all those who are looking to get a “Super” looking Black Diamond, please fill out our contact page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.




TopStingray Team




Fallen “Tigress”

September 25th, 2012


Today, TopStingray mourns the death of a close friend…


She was always there when we needed her to be there.


Always hungry…


Always BIG…


We saw how she grew up and turned from a helpless baby into a full fledge adult…


Today morning, when we came to the office. We did our usual routine checks and to our horror!


She was dead…


To find out what happened, we investigated and suspect the cause of death to be abusive mating behavior from the male.


We know many experts would agree with us that during mating, tiger stingrays are very very aggressive but what we did not expect was that it happened overnight!


This was a monitoring mistake on our part and we strongly urge all you stingray lovers out there that whoever is keeping tiger rays to be really careful.



This is truly one of the saddest days in TopStingray history.


Rest in Peace dear friend.




TopStingray Team



Addition of New Language Option

August 7th, 2012



Its been awhile since we were last updating our blog, BUT WE’RE BACK!!!


And this time, we present to everyone a new language option.


We are currently adding new languages into our website so as to better facilitate the stingray community around the world and it is with great pleasure that we present our first language addition – CHINESE!


Very soon, there will be more language options available so that everyone will be able to have a look at what we want and hope to share with the world’s stingray community.


In addition to this, there would also be a preview cum update on how the new facility would look.


So, stay tuned…



TopStingray Team




Leopoldi Variant Supply Page

May 26th, 2012

Check out our new Leopoldi Variant supply page that has been completed. Click on the Leopoldi Variant tab in the drop down supply menu to navigate to our Leopoldi Variant supply page.



Other pages in our supply menu will be completed in the coming weeks. Topstingray is in the process of renovating our website, we apologize for any inconvenience.



TopStingray Team



Update of Black Diamond Gallery

May 17th, 2012

New pictures have been uploaded into the Black Diamond Gallery.


We hope you enjoy the new pictures uploaded from TopStingray.





In memory of the “Spiderman” Flower Ray

May 7th, 2012



Even at TopStingray, death of stingrays can happen…


Today, TopStingray mourns the death of a great stingray – the “SpiderMan” Flower Ray. She came to us around 2 months ago. Although SpiderMan was born handicapped, she was different and unique. She was a fighter, standing up against weakness and trying her best all the time.


We tried saving her with the aid of medicines, vitamins, even to the extent of attaching a staff to do one on one care for her. But alas, her life was drawn out from her as we all saw her drift away.


It pains us to see a stingray so special and unique just move on to the other world. But we all hope that she would find happiness in the world beyond.


*crying*  TopStingray Team


Potamotrygon sp. “Pearl”

April 30th, 2012


Check out our new Potamotrygon sp. “Pearl” supply page that has been completed. Click on the Pearl Ray tab in the drop down supply menu to navigate to our Pearl Ray supply page.


Other pages in our supply menu will be completed in the coming weeks. Topstingray is in the process of renovating our website, we apologize for any inconvenience.



Galaxy P14 X Leopoldi Black Diamond

April 24th, 2012


Topstingray proudly presents a cross between a Galaxy P14 and a Leopoldi Black Diamond. From what we know, we probably might not be the first to produce such a cross. However, we just want to share this stingray with the global stingray community as an important reference.


The world has long been waiting to see living proof of a cross between the 2 most famous black stingrays in the world. So it is with great pride and joy that Topstingray presents to you “Living proof of a Galaxy P14 X Black Diamond!”


The stingray has a distinct brown base color and solid white patterns which covers the entire disc of the stingray. This stingray is one of the few brown fishes that has pattern and spots so supreme that it astounded us. As this stingray is still young, we are certain that it would develop as how both their parents would. The older they get, the whiter the spots become.


The photo shows a distinct difference between a pure Black Diamond stingray pup and a Galaxy P14 cross Black Diamond stingray pup. We are certain that the Galaxy X Black Diamond would have an unmatched whitening transformation process from birth to maturity. There will be photo updates of this transformation process on our website in the future.


Enjoy the photo!



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