TopStingray on Aquarium Biz Magazine Cover Page

August 12th, 2013



First of all, TopStingray would like to express our heartfelt thanks to Aquarium Biz magazine for choosing one of our Black Diamond Stingrays to be on the cover of its August 2013 issue.


Aquarium Biz is one of the most popular Aquarium magazines in Thailand. Having been around for awhile and being well known for its detailed information and awesome pictures, Aquarium Biz is ranked as one of the top fish magazines in Thailand. For local Thais, Aquarium Biz can be found in most of the major bookstores. For overseas or foreign customers, we can only hope you get to see this great and informative magazine showcasing most of Thailand’s finest.


This particular Black Diamond is one of TopStingray’s most prestige Black Diamonds. Hiding away in the tender loving care of our team is where this cool looking freshwater stingray has silently slipped under the radar and developed itself to this ultimate new level.


This Black Diamond is nicknamed “Champ” and is one of the black rays that fall under the “White Diamond” category in TopStingray’s facilities. “Champ was the only Black Diamond that won a prize in last year’s Thailand Royal Cup.


The Thailand Royal Cup is a competition which happens yearly and gathers some of the most awesome looking fishes of all categories in the country. Therefore, winning a prize in this competition greatly reassures us that “Champ” is indeed in a class of its own.


“Champ” is a Black Diamond of the super white class and it has almost perfect distribution of spots all over it’s disc. From the rims to the huge spots found on “Champ’s” body. This is truly one of the best standards of Black Diamonds. Note that the cover photo was taken a few month ago, here are the most recent photos that we have.


Well, I guess that’s enough talk for now, let’s just let the pictures tell everyone the rest of the story.


from the left

From the left


from the right

From the right


Once again, from the team at TopStingray, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude and thanks to Aquarium Biz magazine for showcasing our Black Diamond of their cover page. Let’s hope to see more of our freshwater stingrays in the near future.


Until then…



TopStingray Team