H4 Super Hybrid

March 21st, 2012


It is with great pride and joy that we present the H4 Super Hybrid!


The H4 Super Hybrid has a black base colour and solid white patterns which covers the entire disc of the stingray. The intensity of the pattern increases throughout the transformation process. Doesn’t the patterns on the ray look like corals? Well, we call him “Coral Boy”; just like how we name all our other rays so as to recognize them on a personal level.


The H4 Super Hybrid is yet another “miracle” because it was not a planned part of our breeding program. The exact cross is of course a closely guarded secret we protect with our lives!


Just like the other Super Hybrids; the H4 has an unmatched transformation process from birth to maturity. There will be photo updates of this transformation process on our website soon…..so stay tuned!